What Sounds Do Dogs Hate?

Dogs annoy us, so why not annoy them?

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8 Sounds Dogs Hate

  1. High Frequency Tones
    • High-pitched tones and whistles to distract dogs
  2. Thunder
    • Dogs are commonly freaked out by rumbling thunder and thunder claps
    • Crank up the volume and scare the heck out of an unsuspecting slobber-bag!
  3. Wild Animal Howls and Growls
    • Wolf howls and growls, even Werewolf attack noises
    • Roars of bears, mountain lions, and other wildlife – The threating vocalizations of large predatory animals will frighten dogs into silence
    • King of the jungle Fido is not.
    • Use to startle dogs (as well as their owners). Play after dark along a quiet neighborhood street!
  4. Other Dogs Barking & Snarling
    • Intimidate dogs with recordings of their own menacing foes. Vicious guard dog barks and throaty growls ought to alarm coddled frou frou dogs.
  5. Loud Domestic/Home Noises
    • Doorbell chimes, ringing phone, squeak toy, etc
    • Stimulus overload. Make fools out of stimulus response-addicted neurotic mutts!
  6. Emergency Vehicle Sirens
    • Police / Ambulance / Fire Engine sirens
    • Contrary to popular belief, vehicle sirens don’t hurt dog’s ears, but rather tricks dogs into joining in on a howling jag. Another “fool the dog” sound.
  7. Air Horn Blasts
    • Overwhelm a yapping dog with a noise that is louder than its bark!
  8. Industrial Machine Screeches
    • Noisy industrial machinery, squealing brakes, screeching metal on metal
    • All these make us cringe when they’re loud and dogs hate them too


8 Apps That Play Sounds That Dogs Hate

If you have an Apple or Android mobile device, numerous apps are available that can play sound files. Many of them are free. These will help you find sounds that dogs hate.

  1. Air horn –  Apple / Android
    • Blast a yapping dog with a noise that is louder than its bark! Don’t carry an air horn with you everywhere you go? Don’t worry now you can get an app for that!
  2. Door Bell Sounds – Apple / Android
    • You know how much that dog loves the mailman? Now imagine its not the mailman and its all a terrible trick? Like the sound of that? This is the app for you!
  3. Police sirens – Apple / Android
    • Contrary to popular belief, vehicle sirens don’t hurt dog’s ears, but rather tricks dogs into joining in on a howling jag. Another sound to fool the dog.
  4. Dog Whistle – Apple / Android
    • These apps make a high pitched sound that only that frustrating dog can hear! Use these apps to confuse the dog and its owner!
  5.  Wildlife Sounds – Apple / Android
    • The threatening sounds of predatory animals will frighten dogs into silence. King of the jungle Fido is not.
  6. Horror Movie Sounds – Apple / Android
    • Sounds designed to send a shiver down your spine are likely to do the same for that annoying K9!
  7. Cat Sounds – Apple / Android
    • These apps are bound to confuse, intimidate or frustrate that pestering flea bag!
  8. Dog Sounds – Apple / Android
    • Dogs either love or loathe other dogs either way these apps have a great range of dog sounds.


3 More Tips To Annoy Dogs

  1. Make dogs look bad by playing barking noises in the hallway of a pet-friendly hotel or apartment at ungodly hours.
  2. Use a portable speaker to amplify the sounds. Bluetooth ones are more expensive but they also allow you to hide the speaker away from yourself, creating more confusion!
  3. I’ve found that the air horn app works well especially with a loudspeaker but nothing beats a fully blown air horn!


Video With 4 Sounds That Dogs Hate

What Do You Think?

What are you favorite ways to annoy dogs and their owners? Please share them in the comments below!

44 thoughts on “What Sounds Do Dogs Hate?

  1. I tried the dog, werewolf and cat sounds on mY dogs, they sat with inquisitive looks and tilted their faces in every direction. They were more interested then annoyed and personally I found it to be incredibly cute. FYI siren sounds did seem to annoy them.

  2. Air horn! Now THIS is something I would love to use on a dog that constantly barks and yaps! Let’s see how they like it!

    • i have been blasting airhorns at the local dogs, they are slightly more high pitched than normal ones and i bought them at the dollars store but they are very loud and the dogs don’t care they just keep barking.

  3. The most annoying sound of all, if dogs had intelligence, would be condescending baby talk.
    “who’s a good boy? Who’s a gooood boyyyy?”.

  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you for making this website. FINALLY someone who makes complete sense! I have had nothing but bad experiences with dogs throught my life and I can finally share my hatred of them with someone else. I am going to download these apps onto my iPod soon. Thanks! 😛

  5. Hear hear, Jamie! Everywhere I’ve lived I’ve been bothered by barking dogs. I was trying out some wildlife sounds the other day,
    when a coyote wandered into the yard, apparently attracted to the howls and stuff. I was happy about this, because maybe the coyote
    will wander over to the neighbor’s yard and snatch their dogs. There’s been several dog-grabs in this area by coyotes lately, including
    a chihuahua that was snatched right out of a popular dog park.

  6. In my lane there are lot of dogs ane are barking full day and I want some gadget to make them annoy at night but without any noice thanks if you can help me

  7. Coyotes are routinely hunted to get their numbers down, combat rabies, etc. Feral pigs, are hunted, as are many other invasive species. Feral horses sometimes
    end up in slaughterhouses. In all these cases, something practical is usually done with the carcasses. They are often used as food, leather, fur trim, byproducts,… while every effort is made
    to find homes for dogs; heaven forbid something practical is done with the carcasses of the dwindling amount of shelter dogs that are killed.

  8. I have 3 naghbors each one has at least 3 or more dogs and my propert is long so there back yards are at me front yard line everytime we go out side they bark noun stop day and night we are out doors family all them are hermits and must be deff im going to try the airhorn and at night the wolf sounds and se what happens ready to shoot dogs and the owners

    • WOLVES. There’s a thought. And they can carry a tune. I’d take THAT over Trace Atkins any day if the week. And they make gorgeous outterwear…

  9. My neighbor has a Beagle and is such a lazy ass that he now has a dog door so the dog goes outside as he pleases. One more time waking me up at 3:30 and this dog lover is going to put that dog out of everyone’s misery.

    • You don’t want to get arrested for preventing human cruelty, do you? I live in a no pets community full of fake ass “service” dogs. But, rest assured, it cuts down on some of the noise once the management finds out. These people love their dogs more than their children and will uproot and take their asses out of school and off their clanking skateboards and move the phq OUT—too bad it doesn’t drive the RENTS up…

  10. I hate barking dogs. All of my neighbors have dogs and they join in together and start a barking brigade . What I hate even more is the owners of barking dogs because they always blame the barking on someone else’s dog. You can’t control a badly trained dog or in most cases a dog that hasn’t been trained at all so I decided to train their owners instead . All of the people who give advice to talk to the owner of the dog must be living in a fantasy world because if the owner cared they would stop the dog immediately and the neighbors would have to intervene. After numerous comments to my neighbors about their barking dogs I purchased a storm whistle ($5.99) which is so loud they claim it can be heard underwater. When the dogs start barking I get out the whistle, cover my own ears and blast away. It does two things….first it shuts the dogs up usually after one or two blasts because they are more interested in what the noise is than their useless barking and secondly but far more important it wakes up the owners . It tells the owners if your dogs wake up me up barking then guess what your not going to get to sleep either because Im going to blast you right out of the bed with a storm whistle that can be heard a mile away ! No joke, that’s what they claim, a mile away! The echo is so loud that you actually can’t tell where the sound is coming from so if the neighbor asks you about that screeching whistle sound tell him ” Oh yeah Ive heard that too! Man is it loud! I thought it was you trying to shut your dogs up! ” That’s a nice way of saying shut your dogs up or wake up in the middle of the night with the rest of us listening to your stupid dogs.

  11. You r all on the right track, but I thought there was a high pitched whistle that people cant hear but which just drives dogs nuts. Thats what I’m looking for.

    • It doesnt work. Ive tried it. I carry pepper spray when in public. There are two pit bulls next door that always bark aggressively when I am in my garden so I also bring it in my backyard as well. It makes me angry that I have to feel like this on my own property. The demons often run to the front window when I am approaching my front door….same behavior.

      There is a bear horn or some sort of loud horn in what looks like a spray can. Defending yourself against a pit bull could be fatal. That’s why the breed should be eliminated. Someone should offer self defense classes to protect yourself against dog attack.

  12. Hope none of u ever go blind and need a dog . hope none of u r ever stuck under rubble and want a rescue dog to find u . . Its the owners not the dogs . Dogs are loyal beautiful animals . . i hate all people . u make me laugh going on about dog poo . Humans have been shitting on their own planet since they were here . they steal . kill cause wars . rape . Torture and r greedy . . would choose a dog over a human any day of the week

    • Then you should marry a dog, have a canine reception and “doggie style” honeymoon..LOL…only 5% of the blind community use guide dogs. ( re: the hero-dog myth) I hope YOU never become blind because you will have to learn to travel independently with your own good skills before being awarded a guide dog. Damn. its a dog eat dog world!

      • Yup. It should be a MAN eat dog world. I’m looking for this book, “Delicious Vietnamese Dog Dishes….quiet family dinners for everday” $14.95 Random House, if only, if only…

      • Perhaps you are partially deaf. Normal hearing people who can pay attention to something for more than 5 seconds generally can’t stand barking dogs. I like dogs, THEY can be trained. It is the slobbering human owners who are too lazy and ADHD to train the dogs. Their kids are usually just as annoying as the barking dogs.

    • The Vietnamese love dogs too. Over rice. They’ve got the right idea. Unfortunately it’s not legal HERE. And unfortunately I can’t charge neighbors with dogs RENT.

    • Fine! You love the [edited] things that much, I hope you have the rest of your life to move in with them. The problem , as I see It, YOU DON’T HAVE THE RIGHT TO INTERFERE WITH MY LIFE BY NOT CONTROLLING YOUR DOG. I like dogs, own two of them, it’s the people who own these animals that should be shot!

    • And I’ll bet your dogs bark all the time and annoy the entire neighborhood. I love dogs, but 95% of dog owners are inconsiderate, lazy idiots who discipline neither their dogs nor their disagreeable children. When I approached my neighbor, she said, “Well, what can I dooooo????”

  13. ONE good thing of Iran is that there are NO dogs. As very few people discipline their dogs (or children), the problem will remain till the day the authorities crack down on dog owners. I trained dogs and never allowed my dogs to be a nuisance to others. Yapping and barking dogs drive me crazy!!! You can do nothing to the owner as that will land you in jail, so the dog is the target. Neighbors love their dogs better than humans; to me they are irritating ‘rats’. The best solution I heard of, is firing a stun gun close to them.

  14. I use local beaches a lot for Watersports. Also children play there. Filthy dog owners turn up let the dog shit (of course they don’t see it as they are conveniently looking the other way). I often approach the owners to be met by aggression. They are obviously a lower form of life.

  15. We live right next to a resort with an olympic size swimming pool, which is used every now and then for school galas. They use the old cap guns. We had a small dog, and I remember that it was petrified at the sound of the cap gun. I also noted that there is not a dog in the neigbourhood barking while the gala is on. Well well, bingo! I went and purchased a cheap toy cap gun and when the neighbour’s dog barks, I fire a few shots. Within seconds the dog barks in the house and is quite. This has reduced the barking with at least 80%. The neigbours are annoyed with the gun, but honestly, do you think I care?! You get guns with different velocities. I will suggest that you inform your local police station, if you intend to use those with a sound similar to a fire arm. The one I use is by far not as loud as a fire arm, so there can be no legal problems. Happy ‘capping’!

  16. I’m trying a different approach: I’m trying to make the little monster bark more so that the owner will get tired of it, herself, and finally control it. This is from inside our house. The main problem is that she puts perches in the windows so that he can watch whoever goes by, but it’s also so that she can annoy others in the house. We all know it.

    I’ve tried playing sound effects of dogs barking, but he gets used to them. The silent dog whistle one just makes him keep the distance but YOU can still hear HIM from across the house. There’s not too much she can say about it, either, since she likes to play Ms. Laidback about things that disrupt. She knows why I’m playing it and thinks there’s nothing we can do about it, so – religious faker that she is – she just enjoys all of the discomfort that she causes.

    Unlike her, I don’t want to annoy others in the house too much but they understand what I’m doing, as long as it’s within reason. Volume isn’t the goal, here. Quality is. We need some type of sound effect to induce him to go off every time it’s played until even she’s had enough and takes those perches away. Everyone would be thankful.

  17. Corporate America has created an artificial profit driven dog culture wherein every gullible idiot has to have a dog(s) now.
    Also a lot of people fearing crime buy these stinking animals as a security device and “care” less about the dogs then they do the humans they bother, which they don’t give a damn about either.
    Then you have the malicious sociopaths that nobody wants to talk to because they’re idiots, so they get a dog(s) to keep them company and feel special. Then when people complain about their barking dogs they get the perverse pleasure knowing their dog(s) is torturing people.
    What is perhaps worse then all of these are the fat heads who chime in with “It’s noot theee doooogs faauuuulllt” with their whining panty waist tone!
    This dog culture is just another sign of a very unhealthy society. The disrespect dog owners show to others should be dealt with as a crime with heavy fines, jail time and animal confiscation. I hate to say that but when a nation reaches the point where people can’t even have some peace and quiet where they live, people with animals are leaving very few other choices. I wasn’t aware of it until I heard it on a podcast, but apparently a lot of people are poisoning dogs these days.
    Before there were so many dogs everywhere I may have thought ‘That is terrible”, now I think ‘Boyaaa’ – one less barking dog!!’ Not that I advocate people who are endlessly tortured by a neighbor and their dogs take such common sense action, but I would like to find a device that I could hook up which would burn the ears out of a barking dog and drive it so insane that it attacks its owner. This creates two desirable results – the owner goes to the hospital and incurs an expensive medical bill (and hopefully is maimed for life!) and the dog is put down “humanely”..And speaking of Humane – thousands of dogs are put down every day, so regardless of whether it’s the dogs fault or not, this sick society is producing a glut of dogs and the A-holes who have to have them..Sick society, sick people. Perhaps our national anthem should be changed to a soundtrack of a bunch of barking dogs…

  18. I find this really disturbing. I was searching for why my Pug responds to an air horn in a commercial. The fact that anyone would play these sounds intentionally is upsetting: dog’s ears are extremely sensitive. If I have trouble with my neighbor’s dog, I address my neighbor, rather than hurt her dog’s ears. If you don’t like living with an animal hoarder, work to buy your own place and move out. Don’t hurt a dog; just grow up.

    • Why should anyone have to move away because of a barking dog? This just highlights the fact that these ‘dog people’ have more compassion and concern over these dogs than you do over the wellbeing of other people.

      Why should anyone have to put up with a screaming dog because you simply want one? There’s far too much of this self-righteous-smug-dog-owner syndrome going around.

      You lot are dragging society down with your half brain dog mentality.

  19. Why do you people hate dogs they save lives for you and all you do is bitch on how much you hate them you people are so cruel you should die your self if you’re using these sounds to be cruel

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